Stack Manager

A very handy tool when you use a lot of stacks ! Improve your productivity !

Now also works on concrete5 8.1 and up.


  • preview and edit all your stacks (and global areas) in one view, no more clicking back and forward in the dashboard
  • nice table overview of all the stacks used on your site, with a lot of extra info
  • preview and edit your stacks directly from the same table
  • easily see if stacks need approval
  • multilangual support (for concrete5 v8.1 and up)
  • folder support (for concrete5 8.1 and up)
  • switch between folder and flat view
  • sort stacks on all available fields (name, date, etc.)
  • supports workflows and a button will appear towards dashboard/workflow/me if allowed
  • fast access in edit mode: a menu button is added to the top of the screen

'Usage' function

Find out where a stack is used.

Stackmanager can search throughout all the blocks that are used on your site. It will search in the core's stack blocktypes, but also in some custom blocks.
It supports the following blocktypes:

  • 'Stack Display (Core)' (tested 5.7)
  • 'Stack Randomizer' (prepared)
  • 'VR Tabs Lite' (prepared)
  • 'Enlil Genetic Stacks' (prepared)

If you need a blocktype to be compatible with Stack Manager, please contact me or see the documentation.


More documentation is available on the concrete5 marketplace pages.

Stackmanager for legacy concrete5 (5.6)

Stack Manager is also available for concrete5 versions 5.6 but this legacy version is no longer supported or updated.

You can still get it (for free): Stack Manager (5.6)