Upgrade 5.7.3 -> problems

I ran into some troubles upgrading an old testing site. Maybe someone else encounters the same problem, so here's what I found for future reference.

There were a few problems stacking up and interfering.

  • the server ran out of memory when downloading and unzipping a new version, therefore, the /tmp was rerouted resulting in new problems with session writing.
  • 'is_dir(): open_basedir restriction in effect. File(dev/shm/) is not within the allowed path(s)' error
  • databases error's occured due to unfinished installs or server problems






concrete5 github: #2581, #520



Here's what did work in the end:

  1. don't upgrade with the build in tools (concrete5, installatron), but do a manual upgrade
  2. write sessions to database instead of files. (to trick the dev/shm/ error). Add to /application/config/concrete.php:
return array(      'session' => array(          'handler' => 'database'      )  );

3. normal manual upgrade according to http://documentation.concrete5.org/tutorials/how-t...