'Image Plus' add-on for concrete5

This extension for concrete5 will let you add nice CSS3 style animations to your images. More than 15 different 2D and 3D effects are included !!

When you link the image to another page, you can get a preview of it right below your block ! This makes it a great tool to create a gallery for a portfolio.

So... let's just see what this is all about! Image Plus main page

Image Plus

Effect 11

Here's some text.

Open Link
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Hover the mouse over the image, or tap on it on a touchscreen. You will get the 'garage door' effect.

Click on the 'Read More' button and a preview of the linked page will open below.

The preview will show the content of the 'main' area. To show the full page, just open the link with the 'open link' button.

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With an example template !
Preview testing page
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